First time surfing?

Don’t worry! Be HAPPY!

Surfing is fun from the very first lesson!

First, we take the time to explain you everything about the safety, the waves and how to take off on the beach and then we go all together in the water.

We are always close to you to help you catch the waves.

And when you fall, you fall in the water so it doesn’t hurt all 😃

When it’s your first time, we stay close to the beach and we play with the broken waves, called white waters. So there is absolutely no reason to be scared.

Already addicted? No problem!

We tailor-made the lesson to your level 🥳

Beginners stay in the white water until they are more confortable.

Intermediate go outside to catch the unbroken waves! 😎

Curious about what happens exactly in a lesson?

The day before, we check the forecast and we text you the best schedule according to your level.

We start with a hug or a high five as you prefer when we come to pick you up at your place (Baleal/Ferrel area)! (or you can join us directly at the beach if you prefer).

We then drive to the best beach, usually about 10 minutes away.

Once on the beach, we start with a warm-up with Audrey while Luís is choosing the exact spot.

If there are students of different levels, we split into two different groups and each one gets its own special briefing.

Then, it’s FUN time!

Once you’re relaxed, happy (and probably tired as well 😉), we drive you back to your place!

All lessons includes:

  • High quality surfboards and wetsuits to use during the lessons;

  • Approximately two hours of happiness each lesson (normally one hours and a half in the water and thirty minutes for the warm up, theory and stretching);

  • Transfers to the beach (from the Baleal/Ferrel area only);

  • Personal accident insurance during the surf lessons and during the transfers;

  • Experienced, fun and highly qualified surf instructors (IPDJ);

  • Surf lessons available in English, Portuguese and French;

  • Super cool bucket to change comfortably afterwards;

  • Lot’s of fun…

They might also include:

  • Luís surfing backwards on his surfboard!

  • Audrey giving you a high-five and/or an applause

  • A happy dance with the van’s hula dancer

intermediate student to intermediate student tip: Look for the school’s flag on the beach, that’s usually the position of the wave’s peak 😉

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